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-Raidloot System-RaidRules-

Post  Bloodrose on Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:22 pm

If there is ANY question about who should have an item,Read this and follow the table.

This is the rolling sequence,If the upper most doesnt need the item,You just step down and let them roll as follows.

-Maintank- (Should always get the loot if he needs it since he/shes crucial to the raid)
-Officer- *Tier sets only* (They get the Tier sets first because of their high activity and the service they do for the guild)
-Members- *Main specc* (Mains get gear before alts and trial,Since they are supposed an should be more active than an alt)
-Alts,Offspecc,Trial- (Since they dont benefit the raid as a whole theese people gets to roll last)

Raid Rules

Follow theese and all is fine,Break them and punishment comes swiftly.

Ventrilo: If you do no enter ventrilo within the raids you are not considered welcome since we take all tactics and most raidwarnings on Ventrilo,You dont have to have a mic,Just make sure you can hear the officers.

Deadly bossmod / Bigwigs: Any of theese mods are crucial to the survival in raids,Not having them and dying or wiping the raid because of lacking them makes you unwelcome in raids.

Threatmeter (Omen,Ktm): Any of theese are also needed. (Yes,we know they are malfunctioning at the moment,So CHILL dps untill it works)

Raiding hours: Raiding hours are as standard 18:45 - 23:00,Meaning that you should be online at 18:45 and be ready for invite,And are only entiteled to leave at 23:00 OR if the OFFICER declares *Raid off* (If you for some reason need to leave beforehand ith a good excuse,This should be discussed with the officer leading the raid) Leaving for no reason,Undeclared "Afk" May get you a raidwarning,Trial may be kicked.


Raidkick: Missbehaving,Or Afking,Ninjapulling May get you kicked from the raid and being replaced.

Guildkick: This has to be the punishment for serious rulebreaking,Can also apply to Trials who missbehave and prove themself unworthy of the guild and our raiding.

Raidwarning: Bering raidwarned means you have missbehaved,Gone afk to much,Left a raid before Raid off,Leaving for no reason etc etc, Being Raidwarned means the Officer in charge may choose not to give you any loot for the raid,Being raidwarned too many times may also result in a guild kick.

-Officers missbehaving- IF you see an officer missbehaving in any way,Report this to other officers ASAP,If possible get a hold of the guildmaster.

Officers are supposed to make an example for the rest of the players in the guild,If they fail to do so they are entiteled to all the punishments above like everyone else,And also added that they may be demoted down to whatever stage the guildmaster seems fair.


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